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Cakie is a simple to understand, fun, timed arcade game.

Rokjaw jr. is craving cake and he can not wait for dinner, no longer. While behind Granny Rokjaw’s back, Rokjaw plans to get his fill of the Cake. Get as much cake into Rokjaw jr before Granny Rokjaw turns around and brings in the punishment.



How To Play:

  • Just slide the cake with your finger into Rokjaw’s mouth, but be careful to avoid the teeth. The faster you do this, the more you score. Each time you pull this off, a new round will start again. Rokjaw always wants “cakie”.


Cakie Features:

  • UNLOCK – Spend all your cakie points! Earn points for every round you complete to unlock GAMEMODES and MUSIC tracks in the store. (no in-app purchases currently).
  • 2 HAND MODE – The game really kicks off, once you unlock 2 hand mode. Double the game, double the rewards.
  • HARDER MODES – There are also harder modes of the 2 base game-modes (1 Hand and 2 Hand), where you have to avoid moving teeth going in different directions. Get a bigger bonus if none are hit for every round.
  • ENDLESS MODE – One of the more challenging modes is endless mode. The goal is to eat as much cake as you can to increase the timer. The faster you do it the more time and points you get. The longer you stay in the game, the more cake points you gain.
  • MARATHON MODE – A longer game mode with a better chance to really crank that combo up.
  • HIGHSCORE – Leave your mark as top dog for each mode. Race against your friends and family, to show who can eat the most cake.
  • If you are the best, of the best and really crank the cakie points high to the sky, you can buy a secret feature. Check in the shop.


This game is FREE, but before you download this app please consider that this app includes advertising banners during the times you pause and occasionally, when the game ends.


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